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How Zip ties work

A zip tie is a pre-tied tie that uses a zipper mechanism to hold it around the wearers neck rather than a clip or the elastic band most people are used to.

A zip tie viewed from the front. The neck loop of a zip tie. The zipper of a zip tie is at the back of the tie.

Putting on a zip tie

First, you will need to loosen the loop than needs to be put over your head and around your collar. Holding onto the top of the loop with one hand, and the tie know with the other, you pull the knot downwards.

Pulling the neck loop of a zip tie.

Continue to enlarge the loop, making sure you keep the pressure even to both ends of the loop attached to the knot.

Pull the neck loop until you have enough space to put your head through.

Ok, once you have reached the limit of the zip length, you will have a large loop. Place the loop over your head and around your collar.

Fully opened the zip tie's loop has 25cm diameter.

Turn down your collar and hold on to the tail end of the tie to begin adjustment of the neck loop. The tail end stays in the same position (you do not pull it down like a regular tie).

Pull the tie upwards towards your neck to fix it.

You hold onto the tie knot and simply zip it up.

Keep on pulling until the zip tie reaches your shirt's collar.

And that's it! A perfect fit every time that will not go loose or sag. The knot is neat yet bulky, giving the wearer an attractive appearance.

A perfectly tied zip tie. You cannot tell the difference.

How do I remove a zip tie?

To remove your tie, you just hold on to the knot and pull down until the loop is large enough again to remove.

The neck loop is always in a closed position. So when the tie is not being worn, zip the loop to the smallest size and use the loop to hang your zip tie while it's not being worn.

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