Conditions of 'Buy 4, get 1 Free offer'

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How are your prices so low?

Because of the low overheads and running costs, as well as being able to source our stock from Asia in bulk at a discount price, we am able to pass on these savings to you.

You will also notice that we don't have a 'Free call' number (which is never really 'free') and our products are packaged and sent in generic boxes or envelopes.

What are your ties made from?

All our ties are made from Polyester at this point in time. This is another reason why they are at least one third the price of comparable silk ties.

How much is postage?

Postage is included in the sale price of the item. The cost you see is the cost you are charged.

Can you explain the 'Registered Post' option further?

There is a small extra fee of $3.50 that is payable if you choose to send your purchase by registered post. This is the advisable option if you:

  • Live in an apartment block with a shared / unsecured mail box area,
  • Have a small mail box, or one that is easy to open from the street,
  • Have an exposed front door / verandah where parcels left will be easily visible (such as people who live in inner-city terrace houses),
  • Have letters or parcels often go missing.

Registered post needs the receiver to sign for the goods, and also gives the receiver a unique identification number. This number will be emailed to you once your item has been posted.

Is your site secure?

We use Paypal for all our online transactions. PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems. When you use PayPal, your financial information is not shared with the staff at Once your payment is complete, you will be emailed a receipt for this transaction.

What if I don't want to pay by credit card?

Other payment arrangements are available. These will need to be handled on an 'order by order' basis however cheque / money order and direct deposit orders can also be made. A manual order can be sent via email or fax if you choose to not use the online ordering system.

Be aware that manual orders may take a little more time to process!

Can I insure my purchased items?

Insurance is only available for items sent by registered post. If you choose this option than the first $100 value is insured immediately. After that, the insurance is applied on a sliding scale. To make things simple, the cost of extra insurance is included in the cost of the registered post option.

Extra insurance is calculated on $100 increments (or part thereof) over the first $150. For example:

  • $1 - $150 goods value = $100 insurance cover
  • $151 - $250 goods value = $200 insurance cover
  • $251 - $350 goods value = $300 insurance cover

Further explanation:

If you bought $140 worth of stock you would have $100 worth of cover.

If you bought $170 worth of stock you would have $200 worth of cover.

If you bought $240 worth of stock you would still have the same $200 insurance cover as $170 as the amount hasn't gone over the next scale to allow for $300 of cover (being $251 worth of goods or more).

Cover is for stock value only, and as the cover is provided by Australia Post, their terms and condition need to be adhered to as well.

If goods are delivered, but in a damaged state, it is the responsibility of the receiver to lodge a claim with Australia Post for compensation.

If insured goods are sent, but not delivered, it is the responsibility of the sender ( to lodge a claim with Australia Post. Be aware that depending on the total order price of the goods, you may not be refunded your full purchase price (see above).

Do you allow for pick-up?

At this point in time, pick-up is not an option as Tieland Men's Ties does not have a retail premises to sell goods from.

I want a large number of a certain design, what do I do?

Any large orders will attract a discount, however, depending on our importing schedule, the order may take some time to process. A large order will need to be secured with a deposit; however this will need to be discussed on an 'order by order' basis. So follow the links in Contact Us!

Some of your descriptions have a '/' in between the colours such as 'green / blue' or 'navy blue / black'. What does this mean?

Rather than use uncommon colour names we have decided to use this method of describing a tie colour that is a mix of green and blue rather than a more correct name like 'aqua'. The reason for this is that everyday or standard colour names are more often used in a search than their more technically correct alternative. Also, many of our products labeled as 'navy blue / black' are also a mix between the two colours, not quite dark enough to be solid black, but too dark to be navy blue.

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