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Zip Ties

Don't know about zip ties? Learn how zip ties work!

Size: 49cm (± 1cm) in length (top of knot to bottom point) by 9.5cm (± 5mm) in width.

Zip ties are a new style of 'pre-tied' tie. They come pre-tied and a zipper is used to adjust the tie around the wearer’s neck. Once the zip tie is loosened and placed around the collar it's just a matter of holding the knot and the tail end of the tie and 'zipping' it up. No more saggy lengths of elastic rapped in plastic tubing. The flat strap that goes around the collar is the same colour and material as the whole tie (similar to a bow tie) meaning a more comfortable fit. Even if the neck strap does show from under the back of your collar it will look like a regular tie.

Like our standard dress ties, zip ties are available in a variety of patterns and colours (but not single / solid colours).

Zip ties have an item code that starts with 'ZIP' eg 'ZIP023-A'.

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